Cheers at the campsite! A refined, sake cup joins Platchamp’s enamel tableware lineup.

3 years ago

Platcham’s enamel tableware is popular for its milky, natural color and matte textured pottery.

Contrary to its appearance, one of the advantages is that it is easy to use outdoors even if it is heated over a fire. This large sized sake cup has joined the Platcham enamel series.

The Platcham enamel tableware is made in Japan, carefully created one by one by expert craftsmen. It is said that forming enamels into the optimal shape can only be achieved by using the mastery of a skilled craftsman.

So why choose enamel? As you might guess, in fact, some sake manufacturers still use enameled containers, so the material has a deep connection to the history of sake in Japan. Because the cup has no smell, you can fully enjoy the aroma and flavor of the sake.

Platchamp「GUINOMI UMAKUCHI」¥5500

There are two types of cup that introduced by Platcham this time. “GUINOMI UMAKUCHI” brings out the rich taste of sake, because the sake is circulated in the delicately shaped cup. It is the perfect shape to enjoy the taste and deep body of alcohol like Junmai sake.

Platchamp「GUINOMI KAORI」¥5500

“GUINOMI KAORI” is the perfect shape to enjoy the fruity and gorgeous aroma and taste of sake such as Daiginjo, because the slender shape that rises widely from the bottom to the top will maximize the flavor of the sake.

The Platcham enamel features a special glassy glaze that is baked at a high temperature to produce a matte texture and color dubbed “smooth matte color” not found in other enamel pottery. Five colors, ivory, black, gray, green, blue are available.

Furthermore, if you enjoy the sake in the style of “Morikuri” (place a glass in a wooden base and pour sake into it), the camping banquet will be more fun. It has also long been thought of as a lucky charm, so it’s a great gift.

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