A special edition BE@RBRICK featuring a full body pattern by “Horinishi” is now available!

8 months ago

The popular outdoor spice brand “Horini” developed by Wakayama’s outdoor select shop “Orange” and “BE@RBRICK”, which has enthusiasts all over the world, have released a collaboration figure.

The logo is printed in multiple colors while maintaining the cute look. The 100% size, which is popular among collectors, features an original spice label. They also have a lineup of 400% sizes that you can take outdoors with to hang out at the campsite!

(Left) 400% ¥15800 (Right) 100% set ¥3850

The BE@RBRICK produced by MEDICOM TOY is based on the concept of “creating a teddy bear with a digital image.” It comes with nothing other than the nine basic parts that make up the main body, and is designed by using printing technology.

For this collaboration model with Horinishi, the logo used for their label is multi-printed on the entire body. It expresses the fusion of outdoor spices, street fashion and culture perfectly.

The 100% size, which is the standard size of BE@RBRICK, is about 7 cm in height. It also features a set of special original label spices packed in the same box.

It will be released nationwide from 00:00 on Saturday, November 19th, so be sure to check out the website!