Bamboo Shoot’s new cotton jacket is moisture-permeable and water-repellent with marine-style panel switching.

3 weeks ago

“BAMBOO SHOOTS” is a well-known store in Nakameguro that is well known with the GO OUT family. We have received information on some new items from them based on sailing jackets produced in the 1990s that includes panel switching of various patterns.


First up is a jacket with a plump and rounded silhouette that includes random switching panels. The arms are fitted with a Y-joint sleeve, which is a sleeve technology that is unique to the brand that boasts a three-dimensional range of motion.

By using thick PRIMALOFT GOLD ECO for the filling, they have made it possible to create a design that cannot be achieved with traditional down feathers. In addition, non-coating material with high density and durable water repellent treatment using microfibers on the surface is used, and it has excellent water repellency and moisture permeability, while retaining a light and supple texture.


Next is an insulation vest that uses PRIMALOFT GOLD ECO 200g for the batting. As with the previous jacket, the surface uses a non-coating material with a high density and durable water repellent finish using microfibers. The key design point is the minimalist front of the vest to emphasize the life vest like appearance.

In addition, since thick PRIMALOFT GOLD is used, the filling does not slip off, and the vertical quilt stitching does not impair the volume of the design.

Two items with designs unique to Bamboo Shoot, a pioneer of urban outdoor activities. With a focus on the filling and materials used, this outerwear has a simple appearance but creates a sophisticated image, making it an item that is sure to be useful this winter.