It looks like down, but the contents are actually “air”. An innovative Nuptse vest from The North Face.

7 months ago

A new vest has appeared as part of the Nuptse Collection from “THE NORTH FACE”, which is equipped with cutting edge technology that draws air to retain heat as opposed to traditional down. The Nuptse Collection has become a hot topic ever since opening its new camping-specialized store in Ebisu, Tokyo.

THE NORTH FACE Air Chamber Nuptse Vest ¥58300

Air is inserted using the attached special pump, and by adjusting the amount of air, you can adjust the degree of heat retention and the volume of the vest appearance, and when not in use, you can deflate it to make it easier to carry. Feathers and synthetic fibers are not used, so the environmental impact is also reduced.

The fabric is made of light and flexible Gore-Tex Infinium, which is windproof and breathable. Because it’s made of air, it’s super lightweight, and when you actually put it on, the heat retention is impeccable. The design features a relaxed silhouette so that you can enjoy layering.

By attaching the dedicated pump to the air hole, which can also be used as a staff sack that can store the wear itself, and put it inside the clothes to insert and take out the air. It is designed to efficiently distribute air throughout, allowing you to quickly adjust the amount of air contained in the whole body.

An air hole is installed inside the front part, and when the cap is opened, the amount of air can be adjusted by using the red button that acts as a valve.

When all the air is removed, it becomes much thinner than a down jacket. Even if you end up with a hole in the vest, you can use the attached repair tape as an emergency measure, and then repair the air leak by thermal compression at Goldwin Toyama.

The vest will be available on limited sale at The North Face Lab and The North Face + Grand Front Osaka. We really want you to experience this new generation down that is surprisingly lightweight and has reliable heat retention.