The 40th anniversary model of G-SHOCK, which features shining stones with a metal bezel, is now available.

7 months ago

As “G-SHOCK” celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, the Adventurer’s Stone series will be released on Saturday, January 14, 2023 as a commemorative model.

Since the birth of the first model of “G-SHOCK” “DW-5000C”, it has continued to evolve not only in terms of its impact resistance, but also in terms of the functionality and exterior design, gaining recognition worldwide. The commemorative model features various crystal ores as a  design motif that is said to have been used by adventurers in the Middle Ages for their compasses.

6 models from the Adventurer’s Stone series.

GM-5640GEM ¥41800、GM-114GEM ¥40700

The colorful bezel GM-5640GEM is based on the GM-5600, which inherited the square shaped design of the first model, and uses the ore “Sunstone”, which is said to bring victory, as a motif. After applying rainbow ion plating to the entire bezel, by layering black on top of sparse masking, the multicolored shine changes depending on the angle it’s viewed from.

The GM-114GEM is based on the GM-110, which features a three-dimensional dial design, and uses the ore “calcite”, which is said to lead to success, as a motif. Gold and black ion plating are layered to express the color of the “calcite” in two shades.

GM-2140GEM ¥38500、GM-S5640GEM ¥35200

The GM-2140GEM is based on the GM-2100, which is popular for its octagonal bezel and simple design. The beautiful blue color of cordierite is reproduced with a blue ion-plated metal bezel and a band made by Galar molding, which mixes two colors of resin.

The GM-S5640GEM is based on the small GM-S5600, and uses the transparent ore “calcite” as a motif. Inspired by the brilliance of crystal patterns and light refraction, the bezel is layered with laser engraving and rainbow ion plating, and the band and dial also feature similar patterns.

GM-S114GEM ¥36300、GM-S2140GEM ¥33000

The GM-S114GEM is based on the GM-S110 and adopts the purple ore “calcite” as a motif. Purple ion plating is applied to the entire metal bezel, and the design expresses the beautiful purple of the “calcite” stone by overlapping gray ion plating.

The GM-S2140GEM is based on the GM-S2100 and adopts gold “calcite” as a motif. The dial and index bars are vapor-deposited with gold, and the bezel is plated with gold to embody the crystal clear brilliance of the stone giving it an elegant finish.

In addition, the back cover of the Adventurer’s Stone series features an anniversary logo, and the attached wristband loop is engraved with four stars and the words “SINCE 1983” representing the 40th anniversary. All models are luxurious and special to be worthy of celebrating the 40th anniversary, so let’s look forward to the release on January 14th!