A mouton vest from a well-known store in Osaka that elegantly brings out the retro outdoors style of the 90’s.

9 months ago

IMA:ZINE is a select shop based in Osaka, where the buyers place importance on their position as curators because of the abundance of information these days, so that they can honestly deliver the aesthetics and sensibilities of the creators to their customers. Now, the store’s exclusive brand “999919 by Sisii” has released a retro outdoor mouton vest.

Mouton Vest with “alf” Tyrolean Tape ¥93500

While maintaining the elegant atmosphere of the material, the Tyrolean tape applied to the placket gives it a distinctly 90’s aesthetic.

The taping was secretly obtained from the fleece jacket of the outdoor brand “alf” in Utah, USA. By incorporating it as an design accent, it excellently demonstrates the atmosphere of the time period.

In addition, baby merino lamb’s wool, is used which is a rare material that has an excellent texture and you can feel the warmth from the moment you put it on. Supple leather piping is used on the edges where there is a lot of rubbing, such as the front, armholes, and hand pockets.

A casual yet bold idea that replaces the iconic fleece typical of 90’s American casual style with mouton instead of fleece. This is a one-of-a-kind item that exquisitely blends the contrasting elements of retro outdoor and high-end casual.

IMA:ZINE tel:06-7506-9378 imazine.online