The old Seiko “1965 Divers” is re-released! A limited-edition model that modernizes a historical design.  

6 months ago

Divers watches packed with full-fledged functions with a simple design are as popular now as they were in the past! “SEIKO” developed the first domestic diver’s watch in 1965, but even today, more than half a century later, the “Prospex” series continues to see new developments and iterations.

The 1965 Mechanical Diver (left) was used in the harsh Antarctic environment in the 1960s and was lauded for its reliability.

The latest new addition to this illustrious lineup is the “Save the Ocean Limited Edition”, which combines the philosophy of underwater archeology and the heritage of the historic Seiko Divers. It will be released in February 2023, and will be rare with only 1300 available worldwide, 200 of which will be released in Japan.

SEIKO PROSPEX 1965 Mechanical Divers Modern Design Save the Ocean Limited Edition ¥385000

With a width of 41.3 mm (excluding the crown), this watch has an exquisite sense of size in a contemporary style. In addition, the dial uses an astrolabe, which has been used for navigation since ancient times. Excavated from an underwater archaeological site, this is a design that represents the knowledge of the past and the challenge of adventure.

Underwater archeology is archaeological research that studies underwater ruins. It also plays a role in protecting valuable underwater cultural heritage, and Seiko is conducting “Save the Ocean activities (marine protection activities)”. 

In addition to these, dual-curved sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on the inner surface is added, and visibility is improved by coating the indexes and hands with Lumiprite. The strap belt uses a reinforced silicon material with a stripe pattern that matches the base and bezel color.

The contents are equipped with Seiko’s highest peak mechanical caliber “8L35”. It is a self-winding (with manual winding) movement exclusively for divers, and combines high precision and robustness.

A tough diver’s watch that goes great with outdoor fashion and activities! Of course, there is no doubt that the unique specifications of Seiko’s high-end Prospex model will last a lifetime.