G-Shock’s “Frogman” celebrates its 30th anniversary! Featuring the motif of a poison dart frog that lives in the Amazon!

6 months ago

The shock-resistant watch “G-SHOCK” commemorates the 30th anniversary of the diver’s watch, the FROGMAN! A new model with the motif of the “Poison Frog” that lives in the Amazon will be released on the 27th January.

In order to express the unusual color, multi-colored carbon is adopted for the bezel. By combining skeleton urethane materials, you can see the texture of the skin of the poison dart frogs that inhabit watersides in the Amazon. The band is spray-painted with polarized ink in the image of a frog’s mottled pattern.

In addition, the frog character engraved on the back of the case, which is a signature of the FROGMAN series, has been specially changed to a spotted pattern unique to poison dart frogs.

In terms of specs, the newly developed solar panel is equipped with Casio’s unique solar charging system “Tough Solar”. Of course, the backlight is also LED to clearly illuminate the face even underwater. It is also fully equipped with all the functions you would expect of a diver’s watch, such as diving time measurement (maximum 2 hours, measured in 1 second units), surface rest time display (maximum 24 hours), and diving log acquisition (maximum 30).

The price on the official online store is ¥ 137,500, but the advanced pre sales via lottery have already ended. On the official release date of January 27, “G-SHOCK STORE” and “G-SHOCK” it has been announced that it will be available at select stores, but reservations are flooding in, so if you want to get it, make a note on the calendar and make sure to contact the stores ASAP.