The latest collaboration between ARKnets and Wild Things is sophisticated military wear to improve urban living.

6 months ago

“ARKnets” is a shop located mainly in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, and is known for its website that distributes carefully selected items. Various collaborations with famous brands that they have worked on each season has also gained them a lot of attention, and this season they have also announced a collaboration model with the brand “WILD THINGS”.

In addition to the jacket which corresponds to “level 5” according to the military layering system which has been sublimated into an urban style, this special piece also comes with a shoulder bag.

Soft Shell Jacket with Shoulder Bag ¥39600

The base of the design is a soft shell jacket that can be used as a middle layer during cold seasons, and as an outerwear in the spring. ARKnets has added their own touch of taking this versatile item full of utility and changing it into an all-black sophisticated look.

Not only the coloring but also the body used for the collaboration are key talking points. The slightly stretchy nylon used for this model not only has a firm texture, but also has a water-repellent finish to help protect against rain.

The hood is a built-in type that can be put in and taken out freely. Lightweight polyester micro taffeta is used to help protect against sudden rain and wind.

The left and right arms are equipped with Velcro pockets. The Wild Things box logo patch can also be removed.

The front features a double zip and can be used as ventilation by opening the zipper from the bottom. Even if you are actively moving and sweating, you will always be able to keep comfortable.

The shoulder bag, which uses the same material as the hood, is designed with a size suitable for storing and carrying the jacket itself. The color of the bag is similar to that of the body, and the Wild Things logo is emphasized.

This jacket which represents the military has been updated to be an item suitable for daily use. The design of ARKnets, which delivers quality products from all over the world, and the excellent functional beauty of a leading outdoor brand have combined to create a collaboration model that smartly improves urban life and will be released from 12:00 on Sunday, January 29th.

ARKnets tel:028-634-1212