A colorful and tough apron by Dickies and Ron Herman that is perfect for camping!

2 months ago

The famous work casual brand “Dickies” was born in Texas, USA in 1922. Tough items that have been made with ingenuity to meet the needs of workers have firmly taken root in the fashion scene attracting many fans around the world.

This time, the select shop “Ron Herman”, which bases its theme on the “Style of Life California” through fashion, will publish a collaboration with Dickies to release a new apron in a wide variety of colors.

Dickies for Ron Herman Apron  ¥6600

This product uses TC twill, a staple material that is synonymous with Dickies, as the main fabric. It has a firm texture, and is characterized by the durability and easy to clean nature that is unique to workwear.

Based on the model that Dickies has produced as a sample in the past, it comes with aluminum eyelets and the length of the string can be easily adjusted. The simple design means it can easily be used as a unisex item.

In addition, as a proof of the collaboration, the Ron Herman logo has been added to the sleek. Not only can it be used at home, but it can also be used for cooking and setting up camps, so we hope you will enjoy the unique texture of TC twill as it ages!