A new product aiming for improved comfort appears in Snow Peak’s classic “Flexible Insulated” series

5 months ago

New items for the spring/summer 2023 season are available from “Snow Peak”. The “Flexible Insulated” series, one of the signature items of the brand, has also been updated.

Flexible Insulated Pullover ¥20900、Flexible Insulated Cardigan ¥23100

The “Flexible Insulated” series is a particularly popular item from Snow Peak due to its high heat retention and comfort. It uses “Primeflex®”, a high-performance material with stretchability on the outer material. It also releases excess heat and steam to the outside and helps keep you comfortable.

For the new spring/summer model to be released this time, high-count new stretch yarns are arranged vertically and horizontally to achieve a soft texture with high kickback. The fabric, filling, and even the threads are stretched, making it incredibly comfortable to wear.

In addition to cardigans and pullovers, the lineup includes 5 items, including shirts, vests, and pants. In addition, a cardigan and shorts for kids, will also be on sale. It comes in three colors, Balsam Green, Black, and Brown, and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

Flexible Insulated Shirt ¥25300、Flexible Insulated Vest ¥19800、Flexible Insulated Pants ¥20900

All items are designed to be unisex and can be worn by both men and women. Parents and children can also enjoy wearing matching outfits, so there is no doubt that they will be very popular and easy to use this Spring/Summer season.

Snow Peak is also holding exhibition events showing their new products around the country, with the most recent event being held on Saturday, February 4th at Mori Park Outdoor Village in Akishima, Tokyo. In some areas, the events have already ended, but will continue until March, so you can check the schedule on this special site for more details.