Good news for sauna lovers. A new concept eyewear for both sauna and daily use from JINS!

5 months ago

“JINS SAUNA” glasses, which can be used both in everyday life and in saunas, will be on sale at JINS stores nationwide and JINS online shop from February 6th (Monday) on “Flo Day”. This new concept eyewear that overturns the common sense surrounding visiting saunas is attracting a lot of attention.

There is currently a boom in popularity of Sauna’s, and famous eyewear brand “JINS”,  has been especially focused on the effects of sauna on the mind and body, so in order to improve performance and communication, that have decided to introduce an employee sauna at their new Tokyo office which they are scheduled to move into this year.

As JINS thoroughly explored saunas, they discovered that there are many inconveniences and dangers hidden in saunas for people who wear glasses. General eyeglasses may deform due to high temperatures, crack the lens coating, or rust due to being left wet, so it is recommended to remove them in both saunas and baths.

On the other hand, if you enter the sauna without your necessary eye wear, you may trip over steps, fall on the wet floor, or find it difficult to see the 12-minute counter and warning signs in the sauna room. “JINS SAUNA” was developed over a year and a half to help solve these problems.

“JINS SAUNA” uses materials with a heat-resistant of 120°C for both the frame and lenses, and can be worn safely even in the high temperature environment of a sauna. The lenses are anti-fog treated to maintain clear vision at all times. In addition, they are designed to be resistant to rust even when wet.

In addition, considering saunas as a part of everyday life, they have developed this new product with the idea of “sauna and daily dual use”. By pursuing design and coloring that are easy to incorporate into fashion, they have prepared a total of 12 types of frames.

Additinally, on the official website, a movie titled “Four Must See Saunas” will be released sequentially from February 6th (Monday). From dynamic waterfalls and night views to Mt. Fuji and Japanese gardens, JINS SAUNA carefully selects and introduces saunas that will make you fall in love with them. As an added bonus, you can hear the narration by Mr. Akio Otsuka.