Digawell-style light outdoor wear is now available using F/CE’s specialist high-performance fabrics!

5 months ago

The collaboration between “F/CE.” and “DIGAWEL,” which has become a staple during the autumn/winter season, will release their first spring/summer items as part of their 2023SS collection.

These multi-pocket shirts and shorts are a collaborative effort based on Digawell’s theme for this season, “Light picnic wear, not high-spec outdoor wear.” The items of F/CE, the loop design of the tough hook, and the riri zip of Digawel are all incorporated as details to bring out the characteristics of both brands.

7 Pockets S/S Shirt ¥38500

6 Pockets Shorts ¥30800

The fabric used is a weather cloth that is densely woven using specially spun compact yarn with minimal fuzz. The weft yarn Solotex maintains a firm texture while maintaining lightness and stretchability. In addition, by applying dye pigment processing, it gives the fabric a faded feeling after washing the product, giving it a natural look as if the product was dyed.

The flap-type zip pocket on the left chest of the shirt and the left front of the shorts can be removed, and a ring is hidden under this pocket to hang keys etc.

There are 3 pockets on the back of the shirt and 2 hip pockets on the shorts.

In addition to Digawel’s regular tag, a double name tag with the logos of both brands is also incorporated. These small details and the many unique specifications are only something that can be achieved by a collaboration like this.