An all-weather military coat with a built-in rucksack cover is now available from Meanswhile.

5 months ago

An all-weather military coat with a built-in rucksack cover has been released by “Meanswhile”. A rucksack cover with a magnetic quick-release fastener is built into the back, so it can be worn even when carrying a rucksack. The backpack cover is made of Dyneema material, which is an ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polyethylene fiber, that can withstand sudden changes in weather.

Fatigue Overwrap Field Parka Dyneema®  ¥96800

This full parka uses a moisture-permeable and waterproof material (water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm) that is laminated with a special urethane moisture-permeable film on cotton-like taslan yarn. A retractable Dyneema composite fabric rucksack cover is included on the back as part of the design.

A special material commonly known as Cuben Fiber that is made of ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polyethylene fiber, which is 15 times stronger than steel and more than 40% stronger than aramid fiber on a weight basis, is used. It has excellent durability against water, ultraviolet rays, and chemicals, and has a track record of being used in bulletproof vests.

The opening and closing of the rucksack cover is controlled by a magnetic quick release fastener. When the zipper is closed, it can be opened in a dingle motion by pulling it up further, and it can be operated with one hand by the magnet when closing.

Fatigue Overwrap PT Dyneema®  ¥52800

Cargo pants have also been released using the same material. These fatigue pants are characterized by details such as the built-in leg covers, and the hem of the cargo pocket can be opened and closed, so you can use them according to the scene you’re in.

The leg cover helps to protect the hem of the pants from getting wet from rain rebounding off the ground even when you use an umbrella. Dyneema composite fabric is used for the leg cover. The back satin body, which has been dyed and pigmented, allows you to enjoy the difference in color fading that happens with each wash. The waist and the hem can be also be adjusted with an elastic cord.

Meanswhile’s new military coat and cargo pants feature unique and fun gimmicks that re sure to come in very useful outdoors!