Nerdy Mountain Works popular bag bespoke to NiceTime. Exquisitely sized and ultra-lightweight, it is sure to be useful in the cross scene!

8 months ago

From high-end gear to garage brand items, the outdoor select shop “Nicetime” has a lineup of carefully selected items from both Japan and overseas. This season they also have a bespoke backpack that can be used in a wide range of situations, from the outdoors to urban living.

NERDY MOUNTAIN WORKS × Nicetime  ZACPAC 25 Nicetime Exclusive ¥36300

This backpack is a special bespoke order from “NERDY MOUNTAIN WORKS,” which makes products with the theme of “From the city to the mountains” centered on trekking, bikepacking, and fishing activities. The “ZACPAC 25”, which is popular for its good balance, was chosen for this limited bespoke order from among the many items available in their lineup.

The 25L backpack, which has only simple functions, is the perfect size for mountain climbing, cycling, and day hikes. Nicetime has added not only a roll top, but also a large zip on the front for smoother access to the inside of the bag.

The shoulder harness comes with a 5mm thick pad as standard. A convenient bottle pouch is also added to the harness. The color is in all black, which is easy to match both for urban settings and the outdoors. How about incorporating a super lightweight backpack that only weighs about 530g into your daily life?