Nanamica’s new urban set up that’s also full of functionality, available exclusively at Nanamica directly managed stores.

5 months ago

“Nanamica”, have released limited items for their directly managed store in DAikanyama “Nanamica MOUNTAIN! Including a heavy-duty setup that can be worn comfortably and easily in a wide range of environments, from city life to walks outdoors in nature and fields.

A tailored jacket and wide tapered pants using nylon polyester canvas have been released exclusively at the Daikanyama store. The original canvas material is tough yet lightweight and dries quickly, and the urban themed colors of charcoal and navy are combined with an olive color scheme that is inspired by nature.

A name label is attached to the inside to signify it as a Nanamica MOUNTAIN original item.

Details such as the hidden pocket inside the jacket, mobile pocket, and the webbing belt on the pants are also worth mentioning.

Field Stroll Jacket ¥46200/Field Stroll Pants ¥30800

Also, at Nanamica MOUNTAIN, a special photo exhibition is being held under the theme of “STROLL IN THE SHIZEN – Parks in Tokyo, Records of Nature -“.

Photographer Takeuchi took part in the exhibition linked to the message “Recording Nature / STROLL IN THE SHIZEN” from THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL’s spring/summer collection, which is mainly sold at Nanamica MOUNTAIN. Photographs taken by Kazumasa in six nature-rich parks in Tokyo, including Inokashira Park, Kinuta Park, and Yoyogi Park, will be exhibited.

The combined effort to express the brands philosophy and collection through the methods of both clothing and photography is worthy of praise.