Improve your Fall-Winter styling skills! 5 popular outwear pieces from the Chums store in Omotesando.

4 years ago

Chums are developing a variety of new products for this Fall/Winter season. Of these, the most notable at this time are their outerwear that boasts a casual design but with excellent functionality. However, since they release more than 30 types every season, you may be wondering which one to choose. 

So we researched outerwear that is currently a hit at Chums flagship store in Omotesando. Each outer is a carefully selected masterpiece that comes specially recommended by the staff themselves and seamlessly blends, comfort, style and functionality that is suitable for the outdoors.

CHUMS OMOTESANDO 5-2-21 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


A versatile jacket that can blend with any style..

Camping Insulated Jacket ¥15180

The first one is a mountain jacket with an insulated lining that the staff also uses daily. The relatively basic design is accented with corduroy patches on the shoulders. The jacket is a modest volume so layering with other items is stress free. 

“Thin, light and versatile insulated jackets are popular during this period of Fall. It can be for everyday use as well as camping so it’s one of our top recommendations. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)

This seems like a perfect insulated jacket to wear while camping, but it also looks just at home on the daily commute and days off around relaxing around the town. 

“This jacket also has a stand collar. The neck is very neat so it’s easy to layer with a hoody. Personally I really like the simple black color model”. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)


Classic but playful, the classic mountain parka series.

Camping Parka ¥17380

This is a classic mountain parka that uses 60/40 cloth. Playful details such as the booby bird design on the front along with the various seam and pockets, plus the use of a checkered lining is another reason for its popularity.  

“This is a popular outerwear released each season but this year it has been updated in various ways such as using engraved buttons, nylon material and a check inner lining”. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)


A light, packable down jacket, with high heat retention.

Camping Down Parka  ¥21780

This down jacket has excellent heat retention that you will want to get in preparation for the cold winter. It is also very lightweight and a good fit to the body which means it can also be used as an inner down jacket for a wide range of layering options. 

“I want to recommend this jacket for when it gets colder. It’s relatively thin but it’s very warm. Personally I really like it because it is also packable and although it’s a down jacket it is also reasonably priced”. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)

The photo above shows the packable state that Mr Akimoto previously highlighted. Since it can be stored in the inner pocket, there is no need to worry about losing the staff sack. The compact size makes it very useful for outdoor activities and camping.


A high-performance mountain parka with the triple bonus of comfort, water repellency and high mobility.

Teeshell Mountain Parka ¥19580

This is a classic item in the series that uses the original high performance material “Teeshell” that reproduces the softness of sweat shirt fabric. It doesn’t only excel in comfort but also has excellent stretch and water repellency so it is great for active lifestyles.  

“Mountain parkas are great for those who want to enjoy an active outdoor Fall/Winter season. It’s easy to move in, but the lining is fleece so it has high heat retention making it a popular item”. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)


A comfortable down jacket that has the feeling of a sweat shirt.

Teeshell Down Jacket ¥27280

The final item we are focusing on is a down jacket that is also made from the same original Teeshell material. It features a smart design with an urban aesthetic but it is also water repellant so its suitable for outdoor use. 

“If you are looking for better heat retention then this Teeshell model is for you. It also features water-stopping zips so it has high water repellency. I don’t think there are many other down jackets like this that can be worn like a sweat top”. (Mr Akimoto / Staff)

The Chums Omotesando flagship store is very large with a full lineup of Chums current season items divided across 2 floors. They also sell camping gear to match the winter season as well as ladies and kids clothing so you can enjoy shopping there as a family. 

In addition to the vast lineup of beautiful yet functional outerwear there are plenty of other items that we really recommend checking out.

Photo/Takuma Utoo