A new jacket from The North Face for outdoor-loving dads that want to carry their children.

7 months ago

“Maternity +” by “THE NORTH FACE”, which develops products that help support childcare before and after childbirth, has strengthened their lineup of unisex items since last year. Now they have introduced a new jacket that was planned and developed by incorporating the opinions of men by carrying out research such as holding roundtable discussions with fathers who are raising children.

Based on a design that was once developed for backcountry use, a baby cover has been connected with a front zip to make it childcare friendly and so that it can be worn while holding a child.

CR Transformer Jacket ¥59400

It uses a new Gore-Tex membrane that is a PFC-free ePE specification. The neck can be fastened with a dot button, and there are zipper pockets on both sleeves. The front side of the baby cover has three pockets on the top and left and right that can be used when holding the baby, and a gusseted zipper pocket on the back that is large enough to store the jacket itself. It is also suitbale for storing baby goods such as diapers and bibs.

If you remove the baby cover, you can simply wear the jacket on its own, and the hood can be attached and detached with a waterproof zipper. In addition to the versatility when not holding your child, you can also use it without the baby cover once your child has grown up!

The baby cover, which can be attached and detached as needed, has a shoulder strap and triangular hook, and can be used as a bag by attaching these together. The fact that they have considered how the jacket can be used after your child has grown up and you no longer need the baby carrier is excellent.

This is a must-see item for new dads who love the outdoors and who want to enjoy child-rearing even more!