Nanamica’s new water-repellent cardigan featuring light colors and a lining mesh made using traditional Japanese paper!

4 months ago

For the 2023 spring/summer season, “nanamica” has adopted the theme of “life tech wear that satisfies the heart.”

Your life will become more comfortable and richer as your body receives power from the surrounding nature. While developing a lineup that expresses feeling along with with three scenes and an extra “+1”, new works featuring bright colors that are conscious of early spring will appear that while help you to enjoy fashion at the same time as doing outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing.

Cardigan ¥37400

First of all, a cardigan with a front snap button that can be easily put on when it gets a little chilly. The outer material uses a weather cloth that is densely woven with a mixture of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is often used in classic outdoor wear. With spring and summer in mind, the fabric is thin, and the surface is treated with a non-fluorine water-repellent treatment to improve functionality.

In addition, in order to make the most of its lightness, the lining uses an original mesh that combines Kodenshi polyester and Japanese paper thread, providing a revolutionary and comfortable fit. The roomy oversized silhouette makes it easy to layer with shirts, cut-and-sew items, and hoodies.

Multi Pocket Vest ¥35200

Next is a basic stand collar vest that is easy to use even for city living. The material is the same as the previous cardigan, including the non-fluorine water-repellent thin weather cloth and original mesh. In addition to the front, there are 4 utility pockets on the inside for ample storage space.

Track Pants ¥27500

Finally, track pants that have been reconstructed with elements taken from slacks. The outer material is the same as the previous items, with two tucks on the front like with slacks. It adopts a design that makes your waist look stylish while giving you room, and tapering it to the hem so you don’t feel unfashionable.

In addition, the back side of the waist is shirred with a large amount of fabric to make it easier to put on and take off, inheriting the light comfort traits typical of track pants.

That’s it for our introduction of some of Nanamica’s new items available this spring. The items are each available in three colors of ecru, green, and navy all of which embody the urban outdoors style that is unique to Nanamica. Check out this collection to make new additions to your wardrobe to help you enjoy fashion during the 2023 spring/summer season and outdoors.