Daiwa’s lifestyle line in all dark navy! The long-awaited second edition has arrived.

7 months ago

“DAIWA LIFESTYLE” produces items that are full of functionality and design that assumes use in multiple outdoor fields, including fishing, camping, and trekking. Launched last season, they have become a hot topic not only in outdoor scenes but also in the fashion world.

The 2023 spring/summer collection, which is the second from the same line, will be rolled out sequentially at stores nationwide from 2/25 (Sat).

The dark navy blue color, is the key color of this season, and the collection features items that are packed with functionality that is useful outdoors, such as packable items that are easy to carry and lightweight specifications that allow you to feel the refreshing breeze blowing against your skin. Lets take a look at some of the new items available this season.

M-65 SHELL COAT 【PRO】  ¥85800

First of all, the hood-integrated shell coat. In addition to both waterproof and windproof properties, the body uses a two-layer GORE-TEX with PACLITE PLUS product technology that combines a lightweight, eco-friendly 75 denier recycled polyester outer fabric.

They are equipped with 7 ultra-fine aqua guard concealed zipper pockets, which are also the brand’s signature, so the storage capacity is excellent. In addition, the large concealed pockets on both sides have mesh pockets on the inside that can be used to store lure cases and camping equipment.


Next up is the over vest for layering. This coat also uses GORE-TEX PACLITE PLUS, just like the previous one. In addition to the three zipper pockets, a large slant pocket is added on the left chest. It also has a built-in mesh pocket for added functionality.


There is also super lightweight shorts available. The material is made of high-strength cordura nylon material with a silent coating that adds not only durability but also many functions such as water repellency and abrasion resistance. It has excellent anti-friction properties which is useful in situations where there is a lot of rubbing caused due to movement. In addition, it can be packed into the pocket on the waist, making it convenient to carry.


Next up is a short sleeve pullover short stand collar shirt. Although it is made of nylon, it has a cotton-like feel and adopts a body that is both soft to the touch and strong. Thanks to a special printing process, it does not stick to the skin, keeps dry, and has a water-repellent design that can handle sudden changes in weather, so it can be used easily as a top for layering.


A super lightweight parka that focuses on being packable. Finished with a thin mechanical stretch nylon material, this product offers a soft texture and elasticity. In addition, a water-repellent finish and silent coating are applied to prevent damage and stress even when the fabrics rub against each other. It is a convenient item to have as it can be worn smoothly with other items when layering.


The last item we would like to introduce is a super lightweight fabric T-shirt. Like the parka, the body is made of mechanical stretch nylon with water repellent finish and silent coating. It has a packable design so that can be stored in the pocket on the back of the neck.

DAIWA LIFESTYLE aims to be a brand that seamlessly connects all outdoor fields together and helps to support the expansion of new outdoor communities, through clothing that combines the technology and materials that the brand has cultivated over the years into a collection of functionally beautiful, must-see items.