The North Face PPL’s new field jacket has a retro look with an indigo texture.

7 months ago

Liven up your Spring wardrobe with the popular collaboration line from “THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL” produced by “Nanamica”, a select shop that develops urban outdoor styles based in Daikanyama, Tokyo. Their vivid new Spring/Summer lineup has arrived

Indigo Field jacket ¥53900

A cotton nylon indigo weather spec field jacket based on a design from the 80’s, that comes equipped with convenient large and small pockets. The use of indigo-dyed cotton for the warp and recycled nylon for the weft creates a unique texture. It is a simple jacket with an oversized silhouette and no lining.

Indigo Field PANTS ¥31900

Cargo pants with room around the waist that uses the same cotton nylon indigo weather fabric as the field jacket. The waist features a wading belt that makes them easy to put on and take off, and the range of motion is increased for ease of movement. The lineup includes two colors, indigo and bleach.

65/35 Big Mountain Parka ¥41800

A classic mountain parka made from the standard 65/35 bay head cloth. The waist spindle and cord stopper adopt a classic style that is slightly larger, and dot buttons that include the brand logo are used throughout.

Based on the mountain parka released in 1976, the design is a neo-classical model with a modern update to the silhouette and small details.

Stroll Belt Bag ¥11000

A camera bag that combines two removable pouches using Tempotest® fabric from PARA, Italy. A mesh pad pocket is placed inside the zippered pouch to reduce impact. It’s the perfect bag for carrying small items that help make your trips more enjoyable, such as smartphones, cameras, and wireless earphones.