Nexus Seven’s bespoke vest is made of fleece and mesh for excellent heat retention and ventilation. Perfect for seasons that alternate from hot to cold!

4 months ago

A collaboration between “NEXUSⅦ.”, which has been a leader of the street culture scene since 2001, and the lifestyle select shop THE GROUND depot. in Minamihorie, Osaka. They have created a fleece vest that goes well with the outdoors and also features a street-minded pattern.


The base is the fleece jacket released by Nexus Seven earlier this season. The acrylic and polyester pile fabric is brushed on both sides, and a layer of air is created between the fibers to create a fabric that has improved heat retention, while a mesh fabric is used on the back to maintain breathability.

The pattern used is the THUNDERBOLT pattern, which is currently soaring in popularity in the vintage market.

This is a custom-made vest from THE GROUND depot. During this season when the temperature difference between day and night changes greatly, it seems to be the best piece for adjusting your body temperature by making full use of layered clothing. It is currently available only at THE GROUND depot.