The one-point embroidery with a taco pattern is charming. Limited edition socks created by a small taco shop in Nakameguro.

2 weeks ago

The cheerful owner serves exquisite food and drinks, and also sells Mexican miscellaneous goods, works by artists, and ZINEs. “BAJA style tacos” is a taco shop rooted in the community of locals in Nakameguro, and although it is a small space, it has become a popular gathering place for customers with a good sense.

GO OUT collaborated with the store to design socks that feature cute one-point embroidery that expresses a cozy and homely atmosphere.

BAJA x GO OUT Collaboration Socks ¥2200 each

Colorful stitching is used to express hearty tacos packed full of ingredients that you want to enjoy with a drink in the other hand and the signboard menu on the ankle. The socks also feature a fine ribbed knit to snugly fit your legs.

The embroidery is laid out in an exquisite position where you can glimpse the taco design from the hem of your bottoms when you crouch.

Since the tacos are handmade with a completely original recipe, the letter “HOME MADE TACOS” is added and it matches well with the one point embroidery.

The sole part where both logos are lined up is slightly thick. Because it has a plump elasticity, you can wear them comfortably regardless of whether you are wearing boots, sneakers, or sandals.

The length is not too long or too short, so you can wear them with any pants. We recommend styling them with plain sweatshirts and shorts so that you can show off these unique socks during warmer weather.

In addition to the monotone color of white x black, there is a lineup of two colors of black x orange reminiscent of the team color of a certain baseball team on the west coast.

As the saying goes, “fashion starts with your feet”, so choosing what pair of socks you wear is an important start to your day! The limited collaboration model, which is simple yet charming, will be sold not only at GO OUT Online but also at Baja Style Tacos!!