A unique collaboration between Sauna Boy and Ken Kagami, an artist who does not use saunas. Check out the 10 different types of sauna goods created by this unexpected duo!

2 weeks ago

“Sauna Boy” is a brand full of love for sauna culture, launched in 2018 by an anonymous creative group and Ken Kagami, a contemporary artist who usually doesn’t go to the sauna at all and doesn’t have much interest in it, have created an unexpected collaboration. Here we will take a look at this relaxed collection that has been created by the intersection of love and indifference.

Until now, Sauna Boy has released apparel goods and sundries that can be used in saunas in a guerrilla style manner. They have been in contact with Kagami for a long time, and eventually decided to ask him to produce a collaboration collection. However, as the story progresses, it turns out that Kagami doesn’t really care about or goes to the sauna!

Sauna Boy took advantage of this and asked for Kagami to design it from the point of view of people who come out of the sauna sweaty, and this lead to the creation of the logo, “I sweat too much in the sauna!”

Printed hoodie ¥7920

Towel ¥1650

Hat ¥4950

Embroidered long T ¥4950

Locker key ¥1650

The brand’s flexibility, Kagami’s humor and familiar touch, have combined to create this ambitious collaboration full of the unexpected and it will be sold exclusively at THE CURATION MARKET. Isn’t it time for you to try sweating slowly in the sauna?