A bag that uses the same fabric as their popular tents that is sure to appeal to campers from Yoka!

7 months ago

Known for its wooden panel assembly type outdoor furniture, YOKA has grown into a comprehensive brand that now offers everything from tents to bonfire stands and knives. A bag that will be irresistible for camping enthusiasts that uses the same fabric as Yoka’s popular tent has appeared.


YOKA’s “ACTIVITY BAG” is a Boston-type bag that uses the same TC fabric as Yoka’s popular tent the “YOKA CABIN”, which can be customized in a variety of ways and is compatible with wood stoves.

The color of the fabric is the same dark khaki as the Yoka Cabin, but it is not exactly the same color, as this bag is slightly greener. The tag that uses refret material is reminiscent of Yoka’s tent, making it a witty design that fans of the brand will love.

With an easy-to-use size of 39 cm wide, 22 cm high, and 20 cm deep, it is a highly versatile bag that can be used for everything from short trips to camping excursions. The shape of the bag is flexible, so it would be great to put gear and work tools in it and you can use it ruggedly thanks to its durability.

Of course, it is not only simple, but it also has functionality that is unique to Yoka. The belt at the top of the bag can be used to tie a jacket to the outside. In addition, this belt is removable, and the main body of the bag can be folded and stored compactly by using this belt.

This activity bag is made-to-order, and orders are being accepted until March 15, 2023 only at the YOKA web store. It is scheduled to be delivered in mid-May so if you are interested, we recommend checking early.



Size: width 390 x depth 200 x height 220mm

Weight: 235g

Material: TC

Color: Dark Khaki (Olive)