Color scheme and materials in the White Mountaineering style! The first collaboration with Grip Swany.

4 months ago

“W.M.B.C. (Double MBC)” produces items for the camping scene as part of “White Mountaineering”. This label specializing in outdoor gear will release their first collaboration items with “GRIP SWANY” this spring.

This time, they have specially ordered 4 different types of items, which are particularly popular among the existing lineups from Grip Swany. The gear bag, vest and gear shorts have been changed to a linen blend Solotex fabric, and the leather gloves use steerhide suede material, while the pup tent has been boldly printed with a zigzag pattern that looks like the initials W and M are joined together.

Vest ¥35200

Using linen-blend solotex fabric, it has the same level of storage capacity as a rucksack. In addition, it has a unique design that transforms into a tote bag when the zipper at the hem is closed. It can be used in various situations such as when camping, fishing, and gardening.

Shorts ¥26400

Gear shorts, which is also a big hit item from Grip Swany, have been adapted to use a linen-blend Solotex material, just like the vest. These knee-length, wide silhouette shorts are comfortable to wear, and come with a total of 9 pockets, boating excellent storage capacity.

Tent ¥79200

A solo tent based on the pup tent used by soldiers in camps, featuring the logos of both brands on the sides and a bold zigzag print on the front. The military grade specification, flame-retardant fabric “Blaze Shield” is both water-repellent and compatible with bushcraft.

G-1 Gloves ¥16500

Suede made with chrome tanned steerhide is used for the leather gloves, which can be said to be synonymous with Grip Swany, and the high-tech material Kevlar is used for the sewing thread. The more you use them, the more they will meld to the shape of your hand, making them perfect for outdoor use over a long period of time.