Introducing a 2-way shirt that is full of character from Meanswhile, featuring removable sleeve’s!

4 months ago

Japanese domestic brand “meanswhile” is based on the idea that clothes that we wear daily are tools rather than merely costumes. Recently new information has been released from the brand, which produces products that cross over the boundary between the city and the outdoors thanks to numerous innovative gimmicks.

By taking off the removable sleeve parts that can be done with a snap button, they have created a 2-way model that can be worn as a short sleeve shirt with 2 different types of materials to choose from.

Trinity Cloth Snap SH ¥36300

First of all, one shirt uses Trinity chambray fabric. The desired color is created by weaving with a total of 3 colors, 2 colors for the warp and 1 color for the weft. By decomposing and extracting the three elements of the basic elements contained in these colors, a vibrant new color has been created which when weaved again generates rich, unique shades and depth.

In addition, in order to make the most of the fabric, the yarn quality, count, the balance of the number of threads, and the texture after washing and how wrinkles appear, have been crafeully calculated to create the best balance after much trial and error. The interior is also equipped with a sling belt, which will appeal to fans of the brand.

Feather Smooth Snap SH ¥28600

Next up, the other shirt uses polyester taffeta which has high moisture permeability and water repellency. They have adopted a structure that allows water droplets to slide off due to the invisible level of surface unevenness and the weave of the fabric. The non-laminated fabric also releases stuffiness from inside, reducing heat and sweating and providing excellent stress-free comfort. In addition, the silhouette features a soft and smooth texture that fits a variety of different body types.

Like the chambray model, it comes with a sling belt and can be worn as a light outerwear like a coach jacket.

Feather Smooth Shade Cap ¥11000

Furthermore, they will also release a cap with a shade using the same polyester taffeta material mentioned earlier. The shade part can be removed with a snap button, so it can also be used in 2 differnet ways.

3 new items with exciting gimmicks and an excellent use of unique materials that is only possible from the great minds at Meanswhile. Get yourself some functional clothes that are perfect for the upcoming season and enjoy the various different ways to wear them.