Urban style bespoke models made in collaboration with both Nanamica and Gregory released by Pilgrim Surf + Supply.

6 months ago

“Pilgrim Surf + Supply”, is based in Brooklyn, New York and produces stores with a philosophy of “nature and urban dual life

Collaborations with domestic and overseas brands that develop each season are always garnering attention and this season is no different with a collaboration between “Nanamica”, known for their contemporary standard wear, and “GREGORY”, a pioneer of outdoor packs.

The have combined to create urban style items that are packed with functionality that is also suitable for the outdoors.

A relaxed silhouette that is perfect for city use.

Cruiser Jacket ¥44000

This bespoke jacket is based on a design from their past archives. The water-repellent polyester material has a lightweight feel that works well as a cover during the chilly early spring and rainy season.

The three-dimensional hood design helps protect you from rain and wind.

The cuffs are embroidered with the same color logo as the body which gives it a mature and relaxed image.


Reimagining of two models from the 90’s developed for the US Army Special Forces.

Recon Pack ¥30800

The third collaboration so far with Gregory is based on the “Spear Modular Pack System” developed exclusively for the US Special Forces in the 90’s. In addition to adding a military-style trench collar, they have added external pockets along the side switching while sticking faithfully to the details of the time period.

Flag Pocket L ¥8250

Like the backpack, the logo and liter stitching are the same color as the body which creates a sophisticated look. Webbing tape is also applied to the front.

The jacket with Nanamica is on sale now, and the bag with Gregory will be released on Friday, April 7th. Everything is finished in a solid color scheme that is typical of Pilgrim Surf + Supply, with a minimal approach to the design and appearance and not leaving anything to waste. The high versatility that adapts to a variety of different lifestyles is worth checking out!

Pilrim Surf+Supply tel:03-5459-1690 pilgrimsurfsupply.jp/