Meanswhile’s waffle weave functional wear made in color by a well-known store from London to create bespoke setup with refreshing colors.

3 months ago

This Thing of Ours, a well-known store in London, England, is known for importing many Japanese brands, and this season they have ordered bespoke colors for the popular waffle material setup that uses Solotex, which was released last spring and summer by “meanswhile” .

(Left) Short sleeve TEE ¥15400, (Right) Easy shorts ¥22000

The outer material is a modified waffle material that uses the functional material “Solotex” developed by Teijin, and polyester taffeta is used for the hem part where the fabric is switched. The wide silhouette gives it a relaxed feeling and helps keeps you comfortable even in summer.

The refreshing green, which is perfect for the spring and summer seasons, is a bespoke color from the well-known store “This Thing of Ours” in London, England. Along with the Meanswhile brand label, the shop’s original logo tag will also be included.

Solotex’s waffle material has a coil shape and is stretchy, as well as also having water absorption and quick drying properties. In addition, the polyester taffeta on the hem is non-laminated, so it has excellent moisture permeability and water repellency.

A drawcord is attached to the hem, so you can enjoy changing the silhouette drawing it in. In addition, it has a double structure that uses polyester taffeta for the lining that can be seen from the hem.

The shorts have back pockets and triangular hooks on both sides.

This urban navy color scheme is a limited color sold only at the flagship store. In addition, there are three colors available as part of the inline offering: off-black, khaki, and beige.

The functional material with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties keeps you comfortable, so it’s perfect for the upcoming hot summer months, and we recommend wearing them individually or as a set for a relaxed look. This Thing of Ours bespoke green is only available at the flagship store in Japan, so check it out early!