Breathability is improved by increasing the mesh! Get rid of bugs in style with Snow Peak’s new Insect Shield!  

6 months ago

The Insect Shield series from “Snow Peak” is a unique collection of insect repellent clothing that repels pests by using ingredients without color or odor.

The new setup released at the end of March 2023 uses more mesh than before to help improve breathability! Insects are more common during the warmer months (spring and summer), so the level of comfort is greatly enhanced. In addition, the ease of movement and usability has also been improved. Let’s check out the new Insect series, which is also full of details that will appeal to fashion fans too!

Show your true potential in layers

Insect Shield Mesh Jacket ¥24200/Printed Insect Shield Mesh Jacket ¥26400

The zip-up jacket comes with a hood that is easy to coordinate with other outfits and has an exquisite layered style that uses a mesh “translucency”. It is also worth noting that the shoulders and elbows, which are subject to friction and subsequent wear and tear when carrying a bag, are reinforced with extra layers of fabric!

The zipper can be closed all the way to the top, and the cuffs have thumbholes to cover your face and hands. There is also a large pocket on the chest for excellent storage potential.


Can be worn as overpants

Insect Shield Mesh Jacket ¥24200/Printed Insect Shield Mesh Pants ¥23100

Straight silhouette pants can be worn as a set up with a jacket or worn on their own! Each part can be adjusted with the buckle type waist belt and the hem of the string. Fabric is used around the knees, which has a wide range of motion, and tucks are added to further improve the ease of movement.

In addition, they also include zippered through pocket so that they can be used as overpants and connected to the lower pants. Other details that make them easy to use, such as dot button pockets and D-rings for hanging carabiners are also included!

All of them are available in a total of 4 different colors: plain and simple black, balsam green, and full pattern gray and khaki, all of which fit into the outdoors excellently.


Sizes available for kids & ladies!

There are 6 sizes, 1 / 2 / S / M / L / XL, and there are also children’s jackets (left) that are similar to adult ones and long pullovers for women (right), so you can coordinate with your family.

Many people are troubled not only by the heat, but also by insects when camping, festivals, and outdoor activities during the spring and summer seasons. Snow Peak’s Insect series! Let you survive comfortably and stylishly during the hot summer months!