A new backpack for the first time in two years has finally arrived from Atelier Blue Bottle for UL hikers.

4 years ago

A new backpack from garage brand Atelier Blue Bottle has arrived for the first time in 2 years. It’s lightweight and easy to use and will be popular with UL hikers with the addition of sacoch and wallets.

atelierBluebottle「PAC-03R」 Green、Beige ¥29700 /Black ¥33000

Atelier Blue Bottle is a brand that has been developed by a group of married designers with more than 10 years of experience in the bag industry. They focus on producing items that they want to use themselves and prioritizing high functionality and stylish design. 

The Zac “PAC-03R” is their 4th work in two years. I has a capacity of about 32-36L and is a suitable size for mountain camping, day trips or staying in lodges. The simple design makes it equally suitable for everyday casual use.

The main feature of this new design is the adoption of mesh on the front pocket for the first time. For previous models, due to the chance of the mesh getting caught on protruding tree branches and tearing it wasn’t used. However due to hot consumer demand and after extensive durability testing they have managed to effectively implement mesh.

This addition of a mesh pocket increasing the usability and convenience of the bag as frequently used items and accessories can be placed inside this pocket for easy access.

It is incredibly lightweight at only 500g and is packed with functional details, with loop cords that can be used to secure umbrellas or other stock, plus two deep stable pockets to store bottles. The back pad can be also be removed. The initial release color lineup is planned to be black, green and beige.

Atelier Blue Bottle http://atelierbluebottle.com/