The second collaboration between Macintosh Philosophy and Air Conditioning Clothing®. Introducing a cool and stylish short-sleeved shirt.

3 weeks ago

Air-Conditioning Clothing® ere known for their products that draw in outside air from two fans to provide ventilation and cooling to the body, and promotes the evaporation of sweat to keep you cool and comfortable. This type of wear is very useful not only at outdoor bulding and work sites in midsummer, but also for outdoor activites such as camping. The “Macintosh Philosophy British” category was born from the fusion of fashion and sportswear from the Macintosh Philosophy, which is a brand known for producing a stylish finish to highly functional items.

Britec “Air Conditioning Clothing®” Collaboration Zip-Up Shirt ¥39600

The second collaboration from this tandem is a zip-up short-sleeved shirt that is easy to put on over casual wear such as a T-shirt. A drawcord is provided at the hem, so it is possible to adjust the silhouette and size balance when worn.

Light and soft polyester high-density taffeta material is adopted, which has passed the adaptability test according to their own internal standards. A starter kit that includes a small fan for drawing outside air into the clothes, a lithium-ion battery for the fan, and a special cable are included.

How about adding a fashionable and cool outfit to your wardrobe to help you cope with the approaching summer heat?