Marmot’s 90’s inspired series is a must have style for this seasons fall and winter outdoor adventures.

4 years ago

Marmot is a world renowned outdoor pioneer brand known for producing high-performance products. The company has a well earned reputation for evolving outdoor wear with the introduction of highly functional new technology such as the early use of Gore-Tex materials in the 70’s. 

They are now spearheading the 90’s revival trend with their new collection. Only a brand like Marmot who has a high reputation for not only functional but stylish designs can play such a leading role in the fall/winter outdoor scene.


Modern features are melded with the beautiful colors inspired by the 90’s.

The 90’s revival series from Marmot offers 3 types of jacket, a wind fleece, fleece jacket and a down jacket to match the use and environment. All 3 of the jackets feature a colorful and playful color scheme inspired by the design of the time. 

In addition, each item has been updated with the latest functional materials and small details that Marmot is well known for. This series is finished with a modern tough rather than being a simple reproduction so they can blend well with modern items while still enjoying the atmosphere of the 90’s.


A functional and beautiful lightweight wind jacket, with excellent wind resistance.

1990 Wind Jacket  ¥16280

A revival model based upon the Windshell Anorak originally released in the 90’s. The diagonal design at the front is something unique to the style of the time. Although it is thin, it retains excellent windproof properties and the outer surface is also water-repellant so you can wear it in rainy weather.

The stand collar has a built in hood but it doesn’t stand out too much due to the thin material. The hood can be used on or off based upon the situation and mood.

It can be stored compactly in a dedicated staff sack emblazoned with the Marmot logo. The easy to store size is one of the jackets most appealing aspects.


Oversized fleece jacket that shines with retro appeal.

1990 Fleece Jacket  ¥16280

This fleece jacket is another revival model that incorporates design aspects of the Polar Light Tech Sweater developed in the 90’s. This retro design uses the latest materials with the PolarTech 200 but retains the retro shoulder and chest patches. It also has much better heat retention than it may initially seem.

Nylon Taffeta is used for the lining so it can be removed easily. The fleece material used around the collar is very comfortable.

A unique and characteristic pattern is also used for the back style while the Marmot logo gives it an extra stylish accent.


A waterproof down jacket that is easy to co-ordinate with many styles.

1990 DouceDown Jacket  ¥24200

The final revival model is the down jacket which has adopted the coloring of the classic Down Sweater of the 90’s. It features a water repellent down defender on the feathers and retains high heat retention even when soaking wet. Down pants with the same design have also been released as a full body set up.

750 fill power French white duck down is used. It has a moderate volume so it can also be used as a mid layer underneath another outer.

The back side of the front zipper is also purple. Wear it unzipped for a more casual style.


Perfect outwear for the streets, trails and camping.

The excellent functionality present in these trendy pieces from a long established outdoor giant are of course perfect for mountain trails and camping but the playful style is also perfectly at home on the town streets. 

This series is perfect for anyone that plans to spend lots of time in the great outdoors this fall and winter. Each item is available directly from Marmots retail and online stores.


  • Photo/Dai Yamamoto(Image), Shouta Kikuchi(Item)
  • Styling/Tomomichi Kondo Hair&Make/Masaki Takahashi
  • Model/Shohei Kanba,Nairu