The second collaboration between JINS and Snow Peak is back with sunglasses that are perfect for the outdoor scene.

2 weeks ago

The eyewear brand “JINS” announced that it will release the second series of sunglasses in the “JINS x Snow Peak” collaboration with “Snow Peak”, which focuses on convenience and details for the outdoor scene.

Based on the idea of “wanting to popularize sunglasses in the Japanese outdoor scene”, they were first released in 2021 as “eyewear for fun and not just sun protection”. The response from customers exceeded expectations, and stores sold out in about a month after the release. So in 2022, the inventory was expanded to about 2.5 times the previous year and resold.

The second installment of the “JINS x Snow Peak” collaboration features a total of 6 models in 11 different variations including 2 new series. This is a lineup that features a casual and sophisticated design that fits well with urban living.

JINS×Snow Peak JINS Switch Combination Titanium ¥29900

The first new item is the “JINS x Snow Peak JINS Switch Combination Titanium”, which is inspired by Snow Peak’s popular titanium mug, and uses titanium for the temples and stainless steel for the front.

JINS×Snow Peak JINS Switch Day&Night ¥24900

The second new product is the JINS x Snow Peak JINS Switch Day & Night, which allows you to maintain a comfortable field of vision according to the time of day. For example when camping during the day and driving at night, you can replace either the polarized lens or the high-contrast lens plates with the frame to suit your needs.

JINS×Snow Peak JINS Switch Flip Up ¥19900

In addition, a series that was also particularly popular in the first collaboration will reappear. The “JINS x Snow Peak JINS Switch Flip Up”, which allows you to switch from glasses to sunglasses by attaching and detaching the plate and flipping it up, has added a drive lens for this version.

JINS×Snow Peak Rubber SUNGLASSES ¥9900

And “JINS x Snow Peak Rubber SUNGLASSES”, which has an all-rubber design and perfect for active scenes when you are moving around a lot, and now they include polarized lenses for this collaboration as well as the Wellington type has been added to the lineup compared to only the Boston type being previously available.

JINS×Snow Peak GLASS CODE ¥2500

In addition, a new glass cord, the “JINS × Snow Peak GLASS CODE” using the same rope from tents used in Snow Peak products will also be sold.

Sales will begin on June 15, 2023 (Thursday) at JINS stores nationwide, JINS online shops, Snow Peak directly managed stores nationwide, and Snow Peak official online stores. The JINS × Snow Peak JINS Switch Combination Titanium and JINS × Snow Peak JINS Switch Flip Up will be sold exclusively at JINS stores and JINS online shop.

In addition, from July 15th (Sat) to 17th (Mon/holiday), “JINS Campsite Stores” will open at four Snow Peak campsites nationwide to spread the appeal of wearing sunglasses and camping, so don’t miss it!