Lenses that change color! Introducing a collaboration sunglasses collection between Zoff and United Arrows.

2 weeks ago

Glasses brand Zoff has announced a new sunglasses collection with “UNITED ARROWS” that combines health-consciousness with stylish design, under the philosophy of ”wellness”. This collaboration, “Zoff | UNITED ARROWS Wellness,” proposes sophisticated design and functionality that fits an active daily life.

In this series, they have created sunglasses that combine functionality and design that are in line with a lifestyle focused on wellness. All products are equipped with photochromic lenses that change color depending on the amount of UV rays, so even those with busy lives or those raising children can comfortably use them all day long without having to worry about putting them on or taking them off. They have succeeded in created sunglasses that can be used for health-consciousness people, complete with excellent UV protection, but with a fashionable edge.

COMBI FRAME Boston ¥13300、Hexagon ¥13300

The combination frame is an elegant and classy plastic + metal frame. The concept is that if you add it to your daily styling, you can create a more sophisticated version of yourself.

PLASTIC FRAME #01 Wellington ¥11100、Crownpanto  ¥11100

The plastic frame #01 is made of lightweight material, so it can be worn for a long time while remaining comfortable. The subdued coloring is a design choice that makes them easily blend into everyday life, whether at work or going out.

PLASTIC FRAME #02 Wellington ¥13300、

The plastic frame #02 has a thick frame that is stable and comfortable to wear. You can enjoy wearing them every day with the sharp coloring of the lenses.

Metal Frame Boston 11100

In addition, a metal frame item with a simple shape and an edge that is easy to wear is also available as an online store only special model. On days when you want to change things up a bit, adding these sunglasses will spice up your outfit.

All models come with an original case and glasses cleaning accessories, and the original case has a design that goes well with any style, featuring elegant colors that give it a slightly more mature impression. The strap that can be attached to the back makes it convenient to carry, and you can use it with a drawstring-type cloth.

All 21 models of the new “Zoff | UNITED ARROWS Wellness” sunglasses collection will be released on Friday, June 30, 2023 at Zoff stores (excluding outlet stores) and Zoff official online stores nationwide. Also, on the same day, 7 new versions of the Type 3 will be released at 10 limited United Arrows stores and the official United Arrows online store, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out!