The trinity of light weight, compactness, and storage capacity. Meanswhile’s body bag made with the latest materials.

2 weeks ago

The “Meanswhile” collection actively incorporates cutting-edge materials and innovative,  functional beauty into daily wear. The brand has newly adopted a material called “High Power Mesh.”

They have designed a body bag that can be carried compactly by taking advantage of the fabric’s characteristics, which is ultra-thin, highly stretchable, and with kickback strength. They will also introduce silicone card cases and coin cases that go well with the bag.

Excellent elasticity and gusset structure provide more storage than at first glance.

High Power Mesh Minimal Body Bag ¥5500

It has an outstanding fit that stays close to the body, and the stretchable fabric and gusset provide excellent storage capacity despite its tight shape. Not only can it be used for daily use in the summer when clothing typically features fewer pockets, but it can also be used as a security pocket during travel.

In addition to black, navy is also available. A convenient D-link is incorporated onto the side, and it is also attractive that all kinds of small items can be connected via carabiners etc.


Card cases and coin cases that also go well with bags.

Rubber Card Case ¥1760

The card case is made of water-resistant silicone rubber, and cards can be removed quickly by pulling the built-in tape. It is palm-sized for excellent portability, and the included wire ring can be attached to a bag like a key chain.

Coin Case ¥1760

A simple composition that allows the opening to pop open by sandwiching both sides. This is also a compact size made of the same material as the card case, and it also features a slender wire ring.

With the current shift to a paperless society, there is no longer a need to carry around a lot of cash, and moreover, people want to dress appropriately for summer. To that end these three new models from Meanswhile are perfectly tailored to today’s active lifestyles.