A hooded zip blouson and vest that uses Blue Blue Japan’s unique dyeing techniques.  

1 week ago

“BLUE BLUE JAPAN” continues to fuse culture and tradition through fashion by incorporating Japanese craft techniques such as dyeing and embroidery into their products. We recently caught up on new products from the brand that use “Kagozome” nylon.

First, the Kagozome nylon is woven with polyester and nylon threads called split yarns, creating a fabric with a drapey feel, elegant sheen, and a moist, soft texture that glides on your skin.

From there, they have taken advantage of polyester’s ability to memorize its shape when heated, and applied basket dyeing, an indigo dyeing technique used for yukatas, using navy blue dye on a gray base. Furthermore, they have created two different fabrics by using the same method as basket dyeing, without using dye and leaving only wrinkles.

Hood Zip Blouson ¥51700

The hood zip blouson is made with materials that require this amount of time and skill. It has a loose-fitting design based closely on 90’s sportswear, and a mesh material is added to the back to provide a light and smooth feel.

Zip Vest ¥41800

Next, the vest adopts the details of military wear as its inspiration. The front has two large pockets with zippers, and its excellent storage capacity allows you to go out without carrying a bag. In addition, the loose size allows you to wear it over your outerwear, so you can enjoy layering it with a variety of items.

New items that are packed with all of the characteristics you would expect from Blue Blue Japan. Not only can they be worn outdoors, but the traditional Japanese taste also adds an accent to everyday wear. Depending on how you use them, they can be used all year round, so we highly recommend you add them to your wardrobe!