Post O’Alls super rare shirt released with the help of Mountain Research.

4 years ago

One of the finest icons is immortalized in embroidery.

Post O’Alls has opened their first directly managed store in August this year after 26 years of crating fine goods. They have joined forces with Japanese brand Mountain Research to release this rare embroidered shirt.

This collaboration between two big name brands came about because the 2 designers are old friends. Only for the Toranoko project planned before the opening of the store, this design utilizes valuable dead stock from Post O’Alls long history as the base shirt.

The embroidery used is an animal design that is synonymous with Mountain Research. Because of the use of dead stock as the base shirt there is variation in the size, taste and fabric used but a unified style has been achieved. These are sure to appeal to hardcore fans of both brands.

The release date is 26th of October and a special event will be held at the Post O’Alls Store. At this event you can see for yourselves the great effort these creators put into this limited high quality shirt that will age well over time. This may be your only opportunity to get one so make sure not to miss out!