Boasting the same level of waterproofing as a raincoat, And Wander’s new wool coat is amazing!

4 years ago

And Wander are known for their highly functional yet stylish products that are equally at home on mountain hikes or in the city for everyday use.

Not only popular with outdoor enthusiasts, but also with high sense fashionistas, And Wander have condensed their usual style into an urban outdoor coat as the spearhead for their 2019AW collection.

3layer wool coat ¥96800

This is a 3 layered wool coat that shines with an urban and innovative design that mixes subdued coloring with a business / work coat aesthetic.

It features high spec water resistance (20.000mm) to the same level as most raincoats by adopting the use of Pertex Unlimited, a moisture permeable waterproof material that fuses wool and polyester natural fibres.

In addition the side zipper provides good ventilation and the small details that And Wander are known for like the brand logo and the reflector on the back of the hood can’t be overlooked.

This is a functional and beautifully designed wool coat that has the same water resistant properties as a raincoat and can be blended seamlessly with any style. This flexibility of use and styling is not something to you want to forget about when choosing your winter coat this year!

Text/GO OUT、Akihiro Takeji

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