Snow Peak’s new TAKIBI vest. Reservations for the new vintage processed color has started!

4 years ago

A new model that adds bleach processing to the already popular Indigo Takibi series from Snow Peak that debuted in 2019 is available soon!  This new model lets you enjoy the vintage aesthetic while still retaining the flame resistant functionality of the original model.

Indigo TAKIBI Vest ¥37400

The bodies fabric is made from a combination of warp yarn of from cotton and codura nylon plus a waft yarn made from an acrylic fabric that can be called Kanekaro. The indigo dying applied to the warp yarn enhances the flame retardency while giving a unique vintage denim aesthetic.

The front features a flap pocket that open and closes with Velcro. The rubber expands and contracts the pocket opening so you don’t have to worry about the contents spilling out while moving.

Storage place on the front is similar to a hunting jacket. It is convenient for quickly removing and placing items.

On the back is a large capacity pocket. Firewood can be carried on your back as shown in the picture. A loop on the side can also be used for hanging a lantern or hammer.

This vest can be used without worrying about sparks from a bonfire while also featuring an eye catching indigo color design. With the 5 large and small pockets you can be active outdoors without the need for an additional bag.

Reservations are currently being accepted via their online store so make sure to check it out as soon as possible!

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