Daiwa’s new apparel line is here, with a focus on functional beauty that combines the worlds of fashion and fishing!

4 years ago

Daiwa are one of the top brands in the fishing scene in Japan and will already be familiar to those of your have read Go Out’s special ‘fishing club’ serialization. They are set to release a new apparel line called ‘Daiwa Pier39’ that combines functionality with top quality design suitable for fishing and urban living.

Major fashion retailers have a hand in the direction for the series which has helped to develop and unparalleled combination of expert fishing knowledge cultivate over the last half century, with the design power that is driving the fashion industry. 

Let’s take a look at two of the best models from this new collection.


This mod coat style parka also doubles as great streetwear. The Gore-Tex Infinium fabric provides excellent waterproof performance that is effective for a variety of outdoor activities.

It has removable Velcro pockets on the left and right sleeves. It can be used based upon your dominant hand.

In addition, there is a pocket arranged on the back for excellent functionality while fishing.


This water repellant vest also utilizes Gore-Tex Infinium fabrics. This military styled vest is packed with key features for top notch functionality.

Despite the simple design that overturns the concept of a fishing vest, there is a removable pocket on the back that can be used as a Sakosh.

Can be placed on the front to increased storage when worn.

Daiwa are continuing to expand its footprint in the fashion industry and this new line up with a higher fashion sensibility than previously combines refinement and functionality that is at home both outdoors and in urban settings. Stay tuned for further developments.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi
Text/Satoshi Yamamoto、GO OUT

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