The latest apparel collection from the ever popular Mountainsmith fuses outdoor with urban in functional Spring style.

4 years ago

Mountainsmith are a long established outdoor bag brand originally founded in 1979. F/CE designer Satoshi Yamane was invited to present the latest looks from this hotly anticipated apparel line that has been in development since 2019.

This collection aims to bring attention back to the uniqueness and appeal of bag brands.

Expressing the uniqueness of a bag brand with your styling.

As with their previous collection the details typically associated with bags such as drawstrings and handles are arranged everywhere as well as having the large storage capacity pockets. This style of novel and eye catching apparel that embodies the spirit of a luggage brand is truly memorable.

The choice of fabric is very particular and utilizes many recycled materials. Optimized processing is used depending on the item, devised to further enhance its functionality. This year’s urban outdoor looks, with retro, military and hippie influences reminiscent of the 70’s is sure to make a big impression this year.