H.R.Remake’s patchwork wear recreates military fabrics with hidden features and gimmicks!

4 years ago

Horin Kouji is a great grandfather who has been active since the dawn of the current Japanese fashion scene.

The latest works from the remake brand “H.R.Remake” which is a company that owns a large amount of vintage wear, deadstock and original fabrics, mixes and breathes new life into old classics.

Railroad Jacket  ¥85800 / Patchwork Pants  ¥91300 /Patchworks Vests  ¥83600

Within this collection that have military pants and other equipment that is refurbished and the olive and camouflage fabrics are used to make patchwork shirt jackets, pants and vests.

Railroad jacket with a slick lining on the inner sleeve for easy wear. The back is also finished with fine patchwork and assorted pockets.

The patchwork pants are tapered with a beautiful silhouette. The hem is finished with zippers and buttons.

The military style patchworks vests are easy to use and suitable not only for the outdoors but also for city living. The versatile pockets are a key feature.

This is a limited series that is not only a patchwork of connecting fabrics but also a design conscious layout that pays special attention to specific details such as the pockets and buttons. Make sure you don’t miss out on this fusion of tradition and innovation. 

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Text/Satoshi Yamamoto

■H.R.REMAKE https://www.hrm-eshop.com/ja-jp/p/productslist#!brand:121