A futuristic high-spec collaboration shoe from Spectus and TWW packed with the latest technology.

4 years ago

Spectus Shoe Co. is an innovative shoe brand designed by Authentic Shoe & Co.s designer Toshinosuke Takegahara.

This collaboration applies the concept and creativity of “Traditional Weather-wear” with an avant garde design that continues to attract a lot of attention.

Embodying state of the art technical beauty in a unique design.

SPECTUSSHOECO. × Traditional Weatherwear「DAY TREKKER LITE」¥40700

The BoA Closure is synonymous with Spectus and us used to achieve a good fit. The shiny coyote upper is made of Cordura high-density polyester and the outersole features a dot shaped rug pattern.

There is also a sharp silhouette with rubber reinforcements in place that creates a futuristic design.

The Vibram I-Sole’s excellent grip and unique look is also a special feature.

The exquisite sense of balance between the shinny upper, chic leather parts and tech fittings is only made possible by Spectus who deliver innovatively designed shoes and traditional weather-wear which takes inspiration from British traditions.

Try out this well rounded pair of shoes that combine functionality with innovative and sophisticated design and cutting edge technology.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi
Text/Satoshi Yamane、GO OUT

■Traditional Weatherwear https://www.tww-uk.com/