The 10th anniversary of F/CE. appears with a mature and innovative look. The ‘UK’ theme focuses on the use of various colors.

4 years ago

F/CE, which first launched in 2010 will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020. With such a big milestone approaching, their 2020 Spring/Summer collection is gaining a lot of momentum. Take a look at their new mature collection that will debut in this anniversary year.

Each season they focus on one country and present collections inspired by their lives, history and culture. The theme for this season is the UK.

The collection extracts influence from Mod and military culture rebuilt for the brands world specific view. Needless to say, functionality is at the forefront for this working wear.

The main point that we want to highlight is the wide ranging color palette used. The vivid used of color springs out from the background of military and work wear styling. It seems as if this light spirited collection is signaling another 10 years of success for the brand.