UV cut with special fibre! A mesh parka with the technique of FOXFIRE.

4 years ago

FOXFIRE is a Japanese outdoor brand that offers a wide range of outdoor wear items that are suitable for activities such as mountain climbing, camping, and mainly for fishing. This time we introduce their new functional hoody that is perfect for preventing sunburn.

C-shield camo hoodie ¥12100

Hoodies are a staple item that everyone will own at least one of. FOXFIRE’s new works achieves an internal fabric temperature of -3 degrees due to the heat shielding effects of the special ceramic fibres. In addition, by blocking ultraviolet rays, it exhibits high UV shielding even in light color.

Due to the mesh structure it is breathable and has excellent ventilation even for a sweat top. With the hood and also the thumb loops, the face and the back of the neck and hands can also be protected from the sun. The camouflage pattern is also another key point of its design.

This hoody is perfect not only for fishing and camping but also if you are staying still outside such as picnics in the park. It is also a great piece of gear to carry around during the summer months to protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

■timco https://www.foxfire.jp/