It can be carried on your back when you get too hot! This is a CCP water resistant coach jacket with a secret shoulder belt for extra portability!

4 years ago

Using the motto of ‘Tough but gentle’ CCP is a brand born out of the downtown wardrobe of Sumida in Tokyo. Their classic coach jacket has received a new lick of paint and reborn as an oversize model that moves in the wind.

Coach Jacket ¥19800

Each part is sewn together with 20 count thick fibres based on the light and durable waterproof material ‘Kudos’. The jacket can be worn loosely and the hem can be squeezed to rearrange into your personal favorite silhouette.

There is a vertical pocket placed on the chest area for storage for easy access to conveniently store any items you want to be able to take out regularly such as smart phones or card cases.

It also comes equipped with a shoulder belt on the inside. This means that if you get hot, you can take it off and easily carry it on your shoulder as well as using the added zip pocket on the left hand side to store items for extra versatility. In addition to the Kudos fabric model there is also a version that uses 11oz denim.

Not only are they pioneers of cycling wear in Japan but this jacket also combines functionality and robustness that is perfect for the outdoors.