The SNOW PEAK flame retardant series is exclusive at JOURNAL STANDARD RELUME and fits great with city life!

3 years ago

The Takibi Denim Vest is the latest masterpiece from SNOW PEAK and is attracting attention from outdoor lovers everywhere. This special bespoke vest exclusive to JOURNAL STANDARD RELUME features enough storage capacity to be used as a bag and is fully spark resistant. 

Updated design that is easily adaptable to city life.

TAKIBI Camping Vest ¥37400

The denim color is easy to style and the breast front pocket has been removed for a simpler appearance. The two front pockets now come with buttons instead of zippers for easier layering with shirts and hoodies.

The large capacity pocket on the back and the loop that can be used for hanging a peg hammer remains. This is a brand with a love for camping so the outdoor orientated details are left unchanged.


Pants also released for a full set up style.

TAKIBI Relaxed PT ¥26400

This bespoke model of pants uses the same flame retardant denim as the vest. The taper is loose with a wide silhouette and large bulging pockets on both sides for excellent storage.

The large pockets open and close with buttons to prevent contents from falling out and the right hand side is equipped with a peg hammer loop the same as with the vest.

The vest and pants are available in both faded blue and a darker navy. This cross over design exhibits functional beauty that is great for both daily use and also camping. This exclusive bespoke set is available from mid March.

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