Modern high mobility urban wear. This collaboration between NARIFURI and MMA is packed with functionality and playfulness.

4 years ago

This is the first collaboration between Japan’s leading cycling brand NARIFURI and the brand MOUNTAIN MARTIAL ARTS that support active outdoor activities such as running.

The dot camouflage on each item contains the concealed letters of each brand which highlights the playful nature of the collaboration between these very compatible brands. Taking a glance a this collection, they have everything from high performance wear to accessories that blend urban design with great use in the field.

Pocketable Pullbreaker ¥28600

This is an updated version of NARIFURI’s classic pullover windbreaker the ‘Pocketable Pull Breaker’. High water repellency and elasticity allows you to concentrate on running or riding without any stress. The simple and minimalist design is perfect for everyday use. Store it in the back pocket when your not using it to prepare for sudden weather changes.

Insulation Vest ¥20900

This is a cotton quilted dot camouflage vest that is one of the main symbols of that collaboration collection. Since Polartec Alpha®, which has high heat retention, breathability and is quick drying is adopted that will surely help this become a staple spring outfit for any outdoor activities.

Neck Warmer ¥5280

This neck warmer is a triple collaboration with Barcelona based brand Buff that has gained significant popularity in the sports scene. Because it is seamless, it is comfortable to wear and is high recommended as headwear for running or cycling.

This neck warmer, which is primarily used to help with regulating body temperature also comes with the same dot camo pattern to be used as an additional accent when styling.

Don’t miss out on this functional urban wear collaboration!

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