“and wander”’s classic raincoat is now available in a ‘natural pattern’ for a great new Spring item.

4 years ago

The outdoor brand And Wander was first launched in 2011 in Japan by a group of designers that were fascinated with nature.

Their classic ‘Fly Rain Long Coat’ which is a staple item each season has been updated for the new spring collection with a new unique pattern. 

A pattern inspired by nature.

printed fly rain long coat     ¥77000

This new model long coat with an original pattern printed on 30 denier nylon fabric was designed with nature as the main inspiration. The tie dye style pattern is unique and features a floral silhouette in pale yet colorful imagery.

There are 2 color variations available. In addition to a refreshing beige, tie dye like pattern there is also a camouflage style khaki color too.


High spec water resistance makes it useful as a poncho.

Ultra-thin wet PU coating that prevents water from entering and releases moisture from within. With a waterproof pressure of 10,000 mm and a moisture permeability of 8000 g / m2, it is a specification that can withstand heavy rain.

You can switch between the coat and poncho by opening and closing the side zipper.

Opening up the zipper located under the arms turns it into a poncho and then can be returned to a coat style when closed again. It is also packable and can be stored in the accompanying pouch. Because it is a fine ripstop fabric, it has great durability and therefore may be the ideal type of rainwear that can be relied on in the field.

■and wander https://shop.andwander.com/